Recently an article appeared in the Dutch newspaper about the consequences of sunstroke. Many people underestimate the danger of heat, take signals from your body seriously. Heatstroke prevention is of course better than cure. With our years of experience in the field of personal cooling, we know better than anyone else what the dangers of heat can be.

Work, sports and/or recreation can cause heat symptoms when temperatures rise. Wearing a cooling cap or cooling vest, for example, can already cool the temperature of your body.

Heat stroke can be recognized by the following symptoms:

You feel weak, confused and/or nauseous.
Your body looks red, but strangely you don't sweat.
What can you do about this immediately?
Immediately stop exercising and cool down, do not drink anything in severe symptoms. Because loss of consciousness increases the risk of choking. Cool your body with a cold shower, damp cloths or a fan.

For severe heat stroke: call or have someone call emergency services

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