In Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients, core body temperature regulation plays an important role. MS patients experience symptoms like fatigue, difficulty in walking, muscle spasm, numbness and tingling etc. These symptoms can become worse, even with a slight rise in the temperature. For people with MS, cooling can prove to be useful as it will prevent the body temperature from rising, in turn, avoiding the aggravation of symptoms. Cooling can also make MS patients feel comfortable during hot days.

How Temperature Change Affects MS Patients
In MS patients, a rise in body temperature due to exercise or external heat can aggravate the symptoms. This is also known as Uhthoff phenomenon, which means worsening of symptoms when exposed to heat. Even a slight raise of 0.5° Celsius make the person feel uncomfortable or even disabling. Due to this reason, people with MS need to avoid excessive heat and cool down their body more often on hot summer days and especially during and after exercise as this will decrease their pain and make them feel comfortable all day long.

Cooling Can Improve Functional Capability in MS Patients
Research studies indicate that using cooling garments can bring functional improvement in MS patients who are sensitive to temperature change (A Meyer-Heim et al.; 2007). In MS patients, cooling can prevent the rise in body temperature in turn relieving their pain, muscle spasms, tremor and many other symptoms. MS patients can maintain their core body temperature by using personal cooling accessories to stay calm to avoid heating up. According to (an online support group for MS patients), MS patients should always prevent stress heat conditions by staying hydrated all times and also wear cooling vest filled with 'frozen' packs.

Personal Cooling Helps MS Patients in Hot Weather
Patients with MS can use cold packs around their neck, arm or leg whenever they feel uncomfortable during hot days. Also, wearing a cooling vest can be an excellent way to regulate your body temperature. Different types of cooling vests are available, such as the expensive ones powered by batteries to the simple ones with a passive cooling mechanism. Cooling sleeves can also be used as they keep your arms fresh and safe from UV rays and are suitable for all outdoor and indoor activities. There is a variety of personal cooling accessories that can be useful for MS patients in providing them comfort and avoid distress during hot summer days. MS patients can also use cooling caps and cooling towels to avoid the heat during outdoor activities.

MS patients need to drink enough fluids, stay hydrated and use personal cooling accessories to cool up their body so they can feel more confident and focus on their work. Taking these measures will make them suffer less and provide them with comfort. In this way, they can enjoy their favourite activities without having to worry about the hot weather.